Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Advertising and website redesign for Portsmouth's most iconic landmark.
Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Soaring at 170 metres high, the Emirates Spinnaker Tower is taller than the London Eye, Blackpool Tower and Big Ben and has already established itself as a national icon for Britain.


I was tasked with creating a summer advertising campaign to convert potential visitors from people who passively look at the tower to visitors who experience the attraction, convincing them than the tower is a must-visit attraction, not just a must see.


Not only did the campaign need to reflect the tower’s USP (it’s incredible panoramic view) but also its lesser known experiences, such as the thrilling glass floor and open-air deck. Rather than attempting to demonstrate all the experiences on each individual advertising space, I utilised the larger-scale spaces such as billboards to feature the tower’s panoramic view, with the smaller-scale advertising bookings promoting each individual additional experience.


The popularity of the outdoor advertising campaign resulted in a redesign of their website, along with all of the attraction’s promotional materials such as online advertising, print advertising and promotional leaflets.